Welcome to my blog.

This blog is about my investment journey, how I invest, what am I investing in, and why. It is also about my debt, and providing myself with financial security.

My name is Patrick, a Production Specialist living in New South Wales and am in my mid-20’s (heading towards 30’s). I want to say my goal is to be Financially Independent but that means it is only something I am aiming for. So instead, I am going to say I will be financially independent and I am working towards that.When I say this, I am mean no relying on my retirement accounts or the government pension to live the rest of my life. In doing so I would like to be able to retire as early as possible! I have roughly 25 years for my plan to come to fruition.

My goal is to buy and hold for the long term period, and use compounding to get me to be Financially Independent. To do this I will be buying in micro, small and sometimes even up to the large cap securities offered in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). There is no risk without reward, but hopefully through research and a keen eye I will come out on top.

Working through my debts to become cash positive again, and changing my lifestyle, the way I think and my spending habits is all part of this.

I have only just started the investment game, I have only been trading since September 2016. I am in no way experienced in this, but having taken some advice from a good friend, inspiration from other bloggers I am giving it ago, and putting all I have into this.

This journey is going to be long, hard, and interesting. There will be high’s and lows, and I plan on share everyone one of them with you.

So let the journey begin…


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