This is my portfolio so far; a work in progress.

Every great investor has to start somewhere, so this is where I started.

ShareDatePrice PurchasedQuantityBrokerageSettlementCurrent Return with Dividend
IGL.ASX29/09/2016 and 8/01/2017 (through Retail Entitlement offer)$2.17/2.00453/102$14.95/$0.00$997.96/$204$63.45
FLT.ASX29/09/2016 $36.0027$14.95$986.95$35.08

Total Settlement: $3143.01

At the time of writing this my portfolio has:

  • Capital gain of 9.89% ($314.74)
  • Dividend Income of 2.42% ($76.92) *This includes Franking credits
  • Total Return of 12.30% or $391.66

You will note that the shares from IGL in January did not occur a brokerage fee. I was lucky enough to be able to get these through a Retail Entitlement Offer (in short IGL were raising funds for an acquisition and this is how they did it).

“an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
– Benjamin Franklin 



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